Love your Environment, Save the World


2011/01/05 Love your Environment, Save the World

Human demands for Earth’s precious resources grow endlessly as the world population grows, putting great pressure on our planet. In fact, we can save the world by taking small actions in our everyday lives; a small step for us means a big step for the world.


The “clothing” aspect: shop for clothes when you really need them, don’t support fur products to save wildlife animals. Try to buy unbleached, undyed garments and those made of organic cotton. Advocate used clothes recycling.

The “eating” aspect: we encourage organic eating not only for personal health’s sake, but also help protecting the environment by avoid the use of any chemical during production. In addition, refusing disposable cutleries and utensils minimizes waste.

The “living” aspect: avoid buying new or unnecessary furniture, should you need to replace new furniture, give the old ones to people in need. Choose low-energy light bulbs and electric appliances with energy efficiency labeling. Completely turn off un-used electric appliances because the stand-by mode also consumes much electricity.

The “traveling” aspect: Choose to walk, cycle or use public transportation whenever possible. Eat locally-grown food to reduce the bug carbon footprint.


How ro read the little sticker on your fruits and veg

2010/12/16 How to read that little sticker on your fruits and veg?

When we go to supermarkets or groceries, we would find there is a little sticker on the fruits and veg; and on the sticker is a set of 4-5 digit code (Price Lookup Code, PLU). Actually, this code is an identity code, denoting the fruit/veg variety and size; allowing the store sales to identify the product easily. Its function is similar to the barcode on packaged food. For example, 4129 represents Fuji apples, while 4134 represents Gala apples. To further identify the size difference of Fuji apples, 4129 and 4131 represents big and small Fuji apples respectively.


Besides organic certificates, the PLU has also incorporated the organic elements. Organic produce is denoted by a five-digit number with a prefix “9”. For example, organically grown Fuji apples and Gala apples are represented by “94129” and “94134” respectively. You should be more careful if you found a PLU with a prefix “8”, because this indicates genetically modified (GM) produce. So now, you know how to choose your fruits and veg.


Fighting off diseases


2010/11/09 Fighting off diseases

Our immune system works 24/7 for us to fight off diseases, we can help to boost our immune system by drinking plenty of water, excising, resting as well as absorbing sufficient amount of nutrients. Nutrients that help to boost our immune system includes:




Food Source


Vitamin A

Helps to maintain the health of the skin and mucus linings of the mouth, airway and intestines; a lack of Vitamin A would affect the growth of the airway and intestinal cells, lowering immunity and catch infections easily.

liver, eggs, carrots,
pumpkin, mango etc

Pregnant women or women who plans to give birth should avoid taking excessive Vitamin A, as it may harm the fetus.

Vitamin C

Plays an important role in collagen synthesis, aid in wound healing and prevent infections; it also helps increasing the antibodies count in our blood; a lack of Vitamin C is more prone to infections.

orange, kiwi,
straberry, broccoli etc

Vitamin C is vulnerable under heat, hence
the best source for Vitamin C should be fresh fruits.


is essential in the production of lymphocytes and macrophages; a lack of zinc would result in drastic fall in immunity.

milk, meat, shellfish,
nuts etc

Meat and seafood high in fat and cholestrol should be avoided.


is essential in the production of antibodies; an adequate intake of protein is crucial in boosting the immune system.

meat, seafood, eggs,
milk, soybean etc

Vegetarians can eat a variety of legumes to absorb different amino acids; vegetarians are also not recommended to avoid complete proteins such as milk and eggs.

Omega 3-
fatty acids

strengthens the immune system and minimize body inflammation, also, it is beneficial to the heart and brain development.

flaxseed, fatty fish,
walnuts etc

Excessive intake of omega-3 fatty acids would result in liver disorders, slow wound healing.